Cypress and Stone Villages

Departure from: San Vincenzo
Arriving to : San Vincenzo
Difficulty : medium
Street : asphalt
Length : 72 km
Drop : 400 m
Altimetry: min. 6 – max. 265
Location : San Vincenzo, Bibbona, Bolgheri, Marina di Bibbona, Guardistallo, Casale, Donoratico


Depart from San Vincenzo on Old Aurelia in a northbound direction.
The mainly flat road passes through Donoratico (7,5 km).
Go straight until you see the small church of San Guido (on the left hand side 14,8 km).
Turn right here onto the famous Cypress Avenue towards Bolgheri which you will reach after 4.7 km, of which the last 2 km are pedaled uphill.

At Bolgheri (18 km) follow the road that passes counterclockwise through the little village, coming back onto Cypress Avenue and continues downhill for 500 m to at the fork go right towards Bibbona.
From here the beautiful road with rises and falls among olive trees and vineyards and leads to Bibbona (24 km): before entering the village, turn right at the sports field and follow the road downhill to the big intersection.
Follow the signs for Casale Marittimo turning right on the “della Camminata” S.P. 19: after the first kilometre uphill, the road overlooks the hills covered with the “Macchia della Magona”(Macchia della Magona woods) and the Casale Marittimo village.
Continue biking for another 2 km the fork in the road, turn left and go uphill for 1 km to Casale (28 km).
Continue uphill towards Guardistallo (31 km) on the “dei Tre Comuni” S.P.28 then downhill to la Valle del Cecina (the Cecina Valley)

At the end of the descent , at the roundabout, go left and continue on to Cecina (45 km).
The downtown is easily reached by following the signs from the roundabout near the hospital.
Turn on Old Aurelia in a southern direction.
Pass “La California”, and at the roundabout (possible detour to Marina di Bibbona) go straight, crossing over the “Variante Aurelia” S.S 1 until you come back to the little church of San Guido (on the right; 56,5 km) and continue straight returning back to San Vincenzo.

The most challenging part of the itinerary is the hill towards Casale Marittimo and, above all, Guardistallo. You can cover some of the loveliest roads of the Costa degli Etruschi in a few kilometres. A visit to Bolgheri is recommended.