A hospitality project is born from GH LAZZERINI


GH Lazzerini has been operating worldwide since 1967, creating custom-made indoor and outdoor furnishings, both for private homes and commercial activities, working with the customer at each stage. Stone, iron, wood: these natural materials are the passion of GH Lazzerini, that through a careful selection that continues over time, offers high-grade and quality products, symbolic of the Made in Italy certification.
The processing of the natural materials is also used to enhance the properties through the creation of decorative and architectural elements, such as the cladding for the facades, the paintings, the columns, the porticoes and everything concerning renovations and the new construction.
Each element is studied, designed and made in harmony with the expectations of our clients and with the potential that every environment offers.

This passion resulted in the Lazzerini Holidays project: prestigious locations designed to make living the Garden House Lazzerini philosophy possible even on holiday.

Artisan GH Lazzerini at work