TRAVELLING WITH CHILDREN: a dream that can come true and cause no stress!

LAZZERINI HOLIDAYS considers welcoming families travelling with children an absolute priority.
We have firsthand experience of travelling and going on trips across the world with children of all ages, in every part of the world.

Our holiday homes are furnished with EVERY item you may need for your children and you will not have to bring it from home.
It is sufficient to ask for your holiday home to be provided with any of following items and they will be available to you completely FREE OF CHARGE

  • Beds for children from birth to 4 years of age or cots
  • High Seat Chairs
  • Baby Bath Tubs
  • Baby Meal Sets
  • Potty training seats
  • Buggies
  • Beach gadgets for children: bucket, spade and armrests for the sea
  • Bicycles with child seats fitted on
  • Safety Gates on stairs in the holiday homes on more than one floor
  • TV sets with Netflix

And if our holiday homes are perfect for families so is San Vincenzo!

San Vincenzo is, in fact, a very popular tourist destination and it is perfectly suitable for the needs of families with children of any age group.

Our beaches have not only been endorsed with the ‘Blue Flag ‘- an award only given to the cleanest, pollution free Italian beaches- but have also gained the ‘Green Flag’ that identifies them as particularly child-friendly environments recommended by the Italian Pediatrician Association.

Here is a good list of reasons why you should choose to visit San Vincenzo with your family

  • we have many kilometers of beaches both free and organized, with fine, golden sand and no rocks
  • the beach does not drop swiftly into the sea but allows for many meters of shallow water where children can safely have fun.
  • the particularly mild climate, which you can check up on the internet at your leisure, makes San Vincenzo a place where the sun will shine even when towns close to it have bad weather.
    San Vincenzo is, in fact, located in a special place. It is protected from the winds to the East by hills and to the South by the headland of Populonia, while to the West it is surrounded by islands.
    This allows for temperatures to stay mild during the winter – they are always a few degrees warmer than in the other Tuscan sea towns and villages. On the other hand, during the summer months, a certain freshness of the air and lower levels of humidity than elsewhere can be appreciated.
  • The city center of San Vincenzo is ideal for walking around on foot and it is also the ideal place to go shopping , to stop for an aperitif or to dine out.
    All year round events, concerts and other happenings take place there.
    Any location can be reached on foot and the town is perfect for lovers of good food, culture and relaxation.

San Vincenzo: so much more than the average tourist sea-town

When deciding on the place to choose for a holiday at the seaside we all ask ourselves ‘but what can I do there when I do not want to go to the beach?’.
We all like to have ideas for a rainy day or simply if we get bored of basking in the sun on the beach.
Below is a little advice on things to do on such occasions if you are visiting San Vincenzo with children. 


Fun filled exploration of the area

A real journey of discovery which will make you and your children feel you have become professional land explorers!

History and Culture

  • The Archeological Park of Populonia is a perfect destination if you are interested in learning about the ancient Etruscan people. It also appeals to anybody who would like to spend time in a lovely environment completely dominated by the sea and nature.
  • The Temperino Mines: here, a small train will take you deep into the tunnels that make up the mines and you will have a chance to learn all about the mining tradition of this area.
  • Piombino Museums

Adventure and Amusement Parks set in the natural environment

  • The ‘Ghirigoro’ Center in San Vincenzo, where you can find mini-golf courses, inflatable toys and games suitable even for the smaller ones.
  • The ‘Cavallino Matto’ in Marina di Donoratico is a very beautiful Amusement Park endorsed with attractions suited to small children and others that are ideal for older kids.
  • The Holiday Park, in Via della Principessa in San Vincenzo, where you can find trampolines and other games
  • The ‘Pino D’oro’ in Marina di Donoratico near San Vincenzo has a skating rink
  • The ‘Giardino Sospeso’ in Riparbella
  • As well as other well-known and loved places like the ‘Tasso Scatenato’ (the ‘Puntone’, Scarlino)

Let’s go to see animals

  • For animal lovers, both great and small, who also love to learn to do new things, the non-profit making organization LENTO ASD organizes horse and donkey rides and cuddles. The experiences are also suitable for small children and include the opportunity to groom the animals and to get to know them better.
  • the Bolgheri natural reserve, managed by the local section of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) , allows you to visit wildlife while walking through lovely landscapes that are the true habitat of rare animal species.
  • The Gallorose Park is a zoo in Cecina where you can admire animals from many different countries.
  • Last but not least there is the Livorno Aquarium.

Walks, hikes and picnics

If you consult our website, in the section dedicated to our ‘surroundings’ -dintorni- you will find listed various interesting itineraries.
According to the age of your children – if they are capable of going for a walk or if you think they would happily come in their buggy- we recommend various destinations for your walks. For examplev

  • the ‘Sailor’s Walk’-passeggiata del marinaio- which is simple, on a tarmac coated path, starts off from the northern side of the touristic port of San Vincenzo and leads to the Statue of the Sailor. It is enjoyable and allows you to admire the islands of the sea and is decorated with a series of mosaics.
  • walk on the beach from San Vincenzo to Marina di Donoratico. Ideally done in the autumn, in winter and in spring, this walk is for moments when the weather is not too hot. From the port of San Vincenzo you can go to Marina di Donoratico – the neighboring village- on foot without ever leaving the beach – about 7 km-.
  • the Park of Rimigliano contains various paths and is a lovely place not only to go walking but also to stop and have a meal in the open air. The whole park is covered in holm oaks and pines and offers shade also on very hot days.
  • the ‘Corbezzolo’ itinerary.  This path has its outset in Via Volta, really near our holiday apartments within the Castel Del Mare complex. The first 5 km are easy to cover even with a buggy as they are practically flat. You can admire a breathtaking view of the sea.
  • the ‘Ginepro’ path starts in Via delle Dune. This is a beautiful path starting from the Terre Rosse -red ground- hut, takes you all the way to the Rimigliano Park.
  • walkable path between San Vincenzo and Populonia.

The Hamlets

Another amusing experience could be to visit the small hamlets around San Vincenzo, which can be reached in a few minutes by car.  The short journey is worth it because you will then have the opportunity to see lovely, dream-like views as well as discover many excellent places serving delicious snacks and meals. We recommend

  • Bolgheri
  • Castagneto Carducci
  • Bibbona
  • Suvereto
  • Populonia

A trip to the islands

Not only for the wonderful beaches, a trip to Isola d’Elba, Capraia and Pianosa will be appreciated by all. They are all connected by ferry to the San Vincenzo port so you don’t need a car. Pianosa in particular is very interesting, not only for the natural environment which is extremely beautiful but because for many years it was the seat of a maximum security prison and is now an open-air museum. 

Thermal baths

Usually Spas are not accessible to small children, but in this area we have an exception. The ‘Calidario Terme Etrusche ‘ has a huge outdoors thermal water pool where children are allowed to play and have fun in a natural, beautiful and welcoming environment.