Dear Guests,

We are happy to inform you that we have implemented a new cleaning protocol to guarantee you maximum comfort and security.

Cleaning is provided by our valued in-house team; we do not outsource cleaning in order to better oversee and organize the work.
Our cleaning staff is equipped with the safety devices as required by Ordinance 38 of the Tuscany Region:

-Sanitizer and disposable gloves

What do we do to guarantee the best possible cleaning service?

DISINFECTION with the OZONE machine
Ozone has the ability to “inactivate” bacteria, viruses, mold and fungus and to remove wood worms, bedbugs, mites etc. According to the World Health Organization, the sanitizing treatment with Ozone is capable of killing 99.22% of the viruses present in the environment. With the Ozone machine that we have purchased, we are able to entirely disinfect the rooms of our houses, the mattresses and the air conditioners.

CLEANING with certified cleansers and disinfectants
We have purchased cleansers specific for all of the surfaces, to clean fabrics, handles and air conditioners.

Our cleaning staff enters the house with disposable gloves, surgical mask, coat, shoe covers, and a hair cap.
The rooms are cleaned one at a time, once the room is sanitized, the door is closed.
After the house is cleaned, the worker leaves, disinfecting the door, the handle and the keys. The elevator, parking space/garage, exterior stair handrail, outside gate, intercom buttons, and any other object that comes into contact with guests is also disinfected.

What more can we do?

Self Check-in (upon request)

For us, welcoming you in person is the most beautiful part of our job. It is the moment when we meet and in where a bond is formed that often lasts through the years.

Due to this particular time, we have decided to offer you a choice:
-Meet us for check-in
-Self check-in and self check-out

How is Self Check in carried out? You will receive via e-mail, SMS or WhatsApp:
-A video where we will personally show you how to enter the house, which entrance to enter, where to find the keys, and which door is yours.
-The code to open the safe where you will find the keys.
-A Guide with our advice on restaurants, beaches and recommended activities.
-A file with our advice on where to buy local products.

If you choose self check-in, you will be asked to send any documents or required information by email.

In the event of self check-in you will be guaranteed continuous telephone assistance at +39 3279286903 and in the event of any difficulty, we will intervene within a few minutes.

We hope these actions are appreciated and that you can continue to enjoy your holidays with us in total relaxation.

Best wishes,

Gh Lazzerini Holidays